Wednesday 22 December 2021

Tomorrow's grocery order...

...breaks down like this:

My stuff:  £4.72
Steve's stuff:  £20.98
Joint stuff:  £18.79

So, as always, Steve's stuff is the most expensive and costs just under half of the entire order and includes fish and meat pastes that could go onto totally his order at the start of January, but no, "what am I going to have for my sarnies if I don't have that??"

I'm gonna put the spreads onto his January order and put the sandwich fillers that he eats straight out of the container onto tomorrow's order instead... bear with me and I'll put the final totals on here for you all:

My stuff:  £4.72
Steve's stuff:  £22.01
Joint stuff:  £18.79

So Steve's stuff is over £3 more expensive than the joint stuff and yet again it's the majority of the order.  He's got tins of tuna on the order as well as meat in the fridge that he can have in his sandwiches, a fiver's worth of yoghurts as well as cereal that he can have for his breakfast as well as Pepperami's and I'm predicting right now, that the majority of that will be untouched when our next grocery order arrives on Tuesday.

Saying that though, the first order of 2022 is even worse:

My stuff:  £0.00
Steve's stuff:  £43.73
Joint stuff:  £0.00

I'm not even joking... that entire order is entirely Steve's and I predict that most of it will be left over and/or wasted... it's like pouring money I can't afford down the drain!

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