Thursday 23 December 2021

My carer is... deeply asleep that he's snoring, so it's gonna be yet another late night for me as well as potentially tomorrow and the same as it has been every day for at least the last two or three weeks, but I guess that doesn't matter, right?  As long as my carer gets almost 20 hours of sleep out of every 24, then nothing else matters, right?  I wouldn't have believed that number if I hadn't been recording it on my spreadsheet either, but he spends all night and the vast majority of every day asleep... since I came down at 6.32am, he's spent very nearly 10½ hours asleep.

Just had the reminder come up for my evening pills, so I'd best take 'em before I forget.


OK, that's my last pills of the day down the hatch, so I'll head to bed when my carer wakes up for long enough for me to say goodnight to him.  I'll say nite nite to you all too, just in case I don't come back here before I head to bed.

See you all at some point tomorrow morning.

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