Thursday 23 December 2021

Mornin' all

Woke up at a much more reasonable time this morning and managed to grab 9 hours and 42 minutes of sleep, so my body obviously needed the rest after yesterday afternoon and evening.  

Our groceries are due between 4pm and 5pm today, so hopefully it'll come closer to the start of the slot rather than later.

I've taken my morning pills now, so I'm all set until lunchtime now.  Just gotta make my carer's breakfast for him when he wakes up properly for more than a minute. I've already cared more for him so far this morning, than he's cared for me for the entire week combined.

It's supposed to be Cous Cous for lunch today, so I'm making a prediction right now, at 7.55am, that my carer will come up with an excuse not to make it and it'll be down to me to make it for him and I'll go hungry or neither of us will eat if my legs are too weak and wobbly.

The daily virus scan has finished and I'm still free from nasties, thankfully.

I don't think I'll get above 10 hours of care for my carer today 'cos of waking up an hour later than normal, but that's OK 'cos I'm already working unpaid overtime.

My carer has just woken up and wants his breakfast, so I'd best go and get it for him while he's awake.


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