Friday 24 December 2021

Mornin' all

So far this morning I've:

  • cared for my carer for an hour
  • had a barely tepid bath
  • shaved my legs and arms
  • got dressed
  • re-started caring for my carer

I'm gonna leave the water heater on until the end of December when I'll have my bath so that I can hopefully feel slightly warmer than I do now, then turn it off and not have a bath or shower until at least the end of January and I'm gonna put the water heater on for two weeks then so that there's more chance of having a little touch of hot water left after my carer has used it for those entire two weeks otherwise it'll have to be on permanently again, which I can't afford, but don't see why my carer gets to wash in hot water at the kitchen sink and I'm left with a barely tepid bath every few months.


I'll take my pills and make breakfast for my carer while I wait for his Amazon package to turn up, 'cos he's not gonna answer the door even if he's awake. 


My carer has just woken up and gone through to the bathroom for a "potential poo" 💩 so I had to get him the second toilet roll in two days, yet I worked out recently that one single roll lasts me the best part of 3 weeks!


Time for me to refil my glass with more pop then take my morning pills while I wait for the Amazon delivery.  In a way I hope it comes while my carer is in the bathroom and he never closes the bathroom door while he's in there and I've given up prompting him now, so it's his own fault if he gets seen sitting on the toilet by a delivery person.  I've already got a video of him while I was videoing the puppy a couple of years ago which has been approved by YouTube but has an adult rating which is fine by me... if he wants to make his visits to the bathroom public then I'm not gonna stop him any more.



That's my morning pills taken and my glass refilled, my carer is out of the bathroom and I bet he'll be asleep before I publish this again too.


In preparation for tomorrow's pig-out my carer is having "instant soup and bits and pieces like my muffins and peanuts and flapjacks" so I'll be going hungry and surviving on just glasses of pop again today then.  Good job I need to lose weight, innit?


The virus scan has finished and my machine is still clear, so I'd best go and make my carer's breakfast now I s'pose.  




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