Sunday 26 December 2021

I'm actually really...

...surprised/shocked/delighted/relieved that I haven't needed to have my annual public explosion so far this year.  There is still 6 days left to go, so I might have to eat my words next week, but I don't feel anywhere near as pressured and used and quite frankly overwhelmed with no support as I have for the last few years... I'm actually feeling surprisingly positive and even supported this year, thanks to one of my blog readers who went out of his way to support me and accepted my rants since just before NaNo.  I don't know his name but I'm hoping he knows who he is 'cos there's no way I would have felt so placid now without his support.  Thank you so much, TLU - I've really appreciated your support and I hope you're having the best time as possible where you are and I wish you all the love and support you've given me over the last couple of months!

Blimey that was a long paragraph lol

Gonna go and make myself a vegan malted drink now that my carer has woken up and I've taken a toilet roll 🧻 through to the bathroom for him.  Only gotta care for him for another 46 minutes today, then that's the 5 hours minimum done and dusted.  The current weekly care for my carer is already over 82 hours, so 85 hours should be pretty achievable and might even creep towards 90 hours after all, which there's no way I thought was possible and means that I've done well over 2½ times the minimum required this week alone!

Next week will be a low caring week 'cos JanNo starts on Saturday so won't be caring for my carer for the first week to 10 days of January, the same as I didn't during November... it's the only 20 days a year that I refuse to care for my carer.

It's Sunday today, yeah?  If it is, then I'll have to remember to refill my pill reminder box up after I've taken my lunchtime pill so that I don't get into a flap about it tomorrow morning when it's completely empty.

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