Thursday 23 December 2021

Literally just remembered to...

...put my FitBit on to charge up so that it keeps recording my sleep tonight and I won't have to worry about charging it up when I'm in the bath.  I'll charge it up again just after I've had my shower before we go over again for M's birthday just before New Years Eve too, then I can come home and get into my writing headspace ready for 1st January and JanNo.

I need to remember to check my Spotify playlist is ready to rock and roll and that yWriter doesn't have any updates and has saved all my chapter plans too otherwise I won't be starting JanNo in a good mood at all lol.  Aksherly, I'll do both of those things now, so that I can cross them off my end-of-year to-do list - BRB


That's yWriter5 sorted and it has remembered everything I planned out and I seem to have planned out another main character who is either transgender or who I've deliberately chosen a name that can be use for either gender for so that'll stretch me and make things interesting as I get into their head - I'll just have to remember to use they/their instead of she/her or he/him again.  It's not gonna be a major plotline or anything, but I want those who aren't sure of their gender to feel included too and I've found very few books written from that perspective, so I'm trying to do my bit to redress the balance as much as I can.


Spotify is sorted too, so I'm all ready to rock and roll next weekend now.


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