Monday 20 December 2021

The rubbish has just been picked up and... carer is stroppy/angry with me for playing him at his own game for a change but I really don't care right now.  From now on I'll be playing him at his own game.  If he doesn't cook tomorrow then I'll have my Graze box and Wednesday will be instant soup made by me, so we'll just butt heads again on Thursday and Friday 'cos we're going over to my in-laws for Christmas lunch yet again, so we are very likely to be too bloated to eat on Boxing Day then I'll start again if necessary next week until the start of JanNo when it'll be soup for me and meat for Steve for the first week or more, but we're both prepared for that 'cos it only happens in November (NaNo) and January (JanNo).

From now on, Steve, I'll make your plans as frustrating as you make mine.

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