Friday 24 December 2021

That's my carer...

...eating for the day and me definitely going hungry 'cos while I was making my carer's breakfast, I checked the ingredients on the boxes of mince pies and they've got an allergen in them, so my carer will be eating another 24 mince pies this week alone and I will have had less than 6 since the start of December.

I'll be making my carer's soup so that he can have something other than sugar (muffins, mince pies and flapjacks) for his lunch and my entire calorie count will come from either pop or a hot drink (assuming I'm stable enough to make them safely of course).

I'm absolutely freezing cold, but my carer isn't, so the heater won't be going on until he is so I'll be very cold and very hungry all day today, but that's nothing new for me.

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