Thursday 23 December 2021

That's the groceries been and gone...

...and considering how close we are to Christmas Day, we were both pleasantly surprised at how much of our order was actually in stock.  The vegetable nuggets were replaced with meat-free hot dogs, so I've put meaty hot dogs on Tuesday's order, but no rolls, so we can have those and hopefully finish off the chips that have been in the little freezer for weeks on end.  It'd be a good opportunity to have frozen veg like the sprouts or mixed veg or whatever, but I'm definitely not holding my breath with that!

I've provided exactly 10 hours of care to my carer so far today, and it'll be at least another hour and a half before I head to bed, so I stand a good chance of making it an 11 hour day today after all.

Steve's literally just told me that he's expecting a delivery from Amazon tomorrow which he seems to be expecting me to bring in for him so I'll potentially have to be up until after 10pm tomorrow, but I've gotta have a bath 'cos I stink too, so I'll have to time that around his delivery time and it won't be the long, hot, relaxing, bubble bath that I was hoping for either, seemingly.

Not a happy bunny now.

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