Monday 27 December 2021

That's my FitBit charged up along with my new watch, sooo...

...starting tomorrow I'm gonna restart my laps again a couple of times a day and I'm gonna hopefully work out how to test my heart rate before and after each session too, as well as potentially re-starting the sit-ups to get rid of my flabby belly now that I know I need to lose another 3.6kg to be a healthy weight, which will leave me about 2kg to put on safely without being either under- or over-weight.

JanNo starts bright and early on Saturday morning, so I'm just gonna use tomorrow and Wednesday to get my body back into the routine of exercising again without suddenly been thrown into it all of a sudden again.  We're going over to see my in-laws again on Thursday and I'll be recovering on Friday, so it'll just be a gentle stroll to get used to the exercise and new watch before I re-start properly after JanNo.

It's the monthly, deeper, virus scan tomorrow, so won't be able to access my emails until that's done and dusted, our groceries are due at lunchtime as well, then it's the weekly virus scan and backups on Wednesday, then over to the in-laws on Thursday, Friday will be my recovery day, then the write-athon starts as soon as I come down on Saturday and will take about a week or maybe 8 days, like NaNo did.

All go this week!  lol

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