Wednesday 29 December 2021

Shower and back-ups finished...

...recycling brought in, Steve's medical appointment apparently rearranged while I was in the shower and I'm absolutely freezing but at least I don't smell or have greasy hair any more.

I'm hoping, as Steve isn't leaving the house any more today, that he'll cook for lunch, but I bet he'll come up with an excuse not to again.  At least I can have a pasta salad for lunch today though, so at least I'll be getting a few calories into me today, unlike the start of the week.  He's just said that we'll have pizza's for lunch, but I'll believe it when it's in front of me and I've taken a photo of it for you all.  If he does cook for lunch, it'll be the first time in 9 days that he's done it and I can't wait now!  I'm gonna have the pasta salad as well as the pizza so that I can increase my calories even more, while I have the chance to.

We're still seeing his family again tomorrow which'll be the second time in 6 days which has never happened with my mum since 1998!

Gonna go and do my laps in a bit to try and get a couple of FitBit blobs before lunch.

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