Monday 20 December 2021

Mornin' all

I've come to a decision for this week - with the exception of tomorrow's Graze box and Christmas Day, the only time I will be eating is when my carer cooks for us, so no biscuits or fruit or cereal or even bread like I've been eating for the last several weeks - if my carer doesn't cook, I don't eat, simple as that.  I'll be living on water alone unless my carer makes a hot drink for both of us.  I'm fed up to the back teeth of him claiming credit for making 14 meals a week for me but the reality is that he makes a maximum of 3.  I'm past the point of caring now and I've missed so many meals that I genuinely don't feel hungry any more.  I'd love to eat twice a day, I really would, but the reality is that it's more like twice a week.

My carer has just woken up and wants his breakfast, so I'm not even going to have orange juice 'cos my carer isn't making breakfast so I'm not eating/drinking.  I'll go and make his toast then take my first pills of the week on an empty stomach.

The virus scan was clear, so after I've made my carer's toast and taken my pills, I'll crack on with the news.

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