Sunday 26 December 2021

By lunchtime, it'll be...

...6 hours of care by me for my carer just this morning alone and my carer's entire weekly total will remain at 1 hour and 18 minutes and he will have cooked a grand total of 1 meal this week which is faaaar from the "cook every meal for her" that he gushes to people that he does.  When he wakes up I'll go and get his lunch for him then sort out my own assuming my legs are stable enough, but if they're not then I won't have anything at all for lunch again.


I'm gonna go and make my carer's lunch at 12.10pm 'cos that's exactly 6 hours of care this morning, which'll hopefully mean easier calculations this afternoon and then I've got to remember to do the entire week's calculation before I head to bed tonight.

It's 12.10pm now so I'm gonna go and get my carer's lunch and hope that my legs are strong enough to make my own after that.


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