Tuesday 28 December 2021

That's my...

...last set of laps done and my legs are now kinda going "what the..." and I'm feeling decidedly weak and unsteady now so I'm glad I went for a wee before I started the laps, 'cos it just isn't safe for me to move until I've recovered a bit now.

There's still a couple of hours before I make my carer's third meal of the day, so I'm hoping I'll have just about recovered enough to make it for him then I can take my last two pills of the day then head off to bed for a well-deserved early night tonight I reckon.

It's the weekly virus scan and back-ups tomorrow so I'll have my shower when I've started the backups so that I can make the most of the time without being able to save any documents or check my emails so my carer is just gonna have to look after himself for that little while.  He was washing his hands (in the kitchen sink) with hot water after his poo 💩 just after I started doing my laps so that's a guaranteed cold shower for me tomorrow then 😡  It'll wake me up and make my hair shiny though, I just won't be able to warm up before we go and see my in-laws again on Thursday is all.  Need to remember to wash my hairbrush just as I clamber into the shower otherwise it'll be pointless washing my hair 'cos it'll be greasy as soon as I brush it on Thursday!

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