Sunday 19 December 2021

As predicted half an hour ago...

...I had to do the rubbish and recycling totally alone again.  My carer has only moved out of his chair to go for a wee once since I came downstairs at 5.30am and to go for his Covid booster for half an hour, the rest of the time has been me caring for him.

I'm making another prediction now, at 10.01am, that my carer will do bugger all else to care for me today, so his weekly total will be 2 hours and 48 minutes instead of the "over 35 hours" that he says he does each week.  My weekly care for my carer is already at well over 75 hours, but apparently I don't do anything for him.  You have to care for someone for over 35 hours a week to be recognised as a carer and there are less than 14 hours left of the day, so there's no way my carer can make up the other 32 hours and 12 minutes, yet I've already more than doubled it and I'm not considered to be his carer and that I do nothing to support him 🤷

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