Monday 20 December 2021

Just weighed myself and...

...I've lost 1.15kg in the last 7 days, so assuming my carer only cooks twice again this week and I have a huge Christmas lunch on Saturday I'll hopefully have lost another 1.5kg by next Monday.  I'm the top end of the weight range I should be now though, so I've only got 3.7kg left to lose to be down to where the NHS site says I should be and my doctor's surgery agreed, so I'm hoping that I'll be pretty much there by the end of January 'cos I'll only be having zoop during JanNo, so that should help to take my weight down a bit too.

Time to download the FitBit spreadsheet, put it onto my site and take my morning pills now I reckon... you watch me forget to do the spreadsheet though lol

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