Friday 24 December 2021

Pills popped, still hungry and freezing cold, but... long as my carer is happy then that's all that matters, right?

On track for hitting the 10 hours of care by about 5pm today, so possibly another 12 hour day and my carer remains at 78 minutes of care for me and I've already worked over 20 hours of overtime this week.

Steve's already set his heart on rehoming another dog, but didn't read the information very closely 'cos the dog needs more space than we've got, needs a private area to escape to which we have never had, doesn't like cats or children and needs several visits to build up a bond before their forever family take them home for good.  We haven't had a car for a decade so I don't know how Steve was thinking we'd get there as many times as needed!  I can also guarantee that the care and food and vet bills and insurance and other expenses, as well as feeding and watering and training and daily walks would be down to me yet again.  He doesn't even support me when I need it, let alone another living, breathing, sentient being!

I've got less than a tenner left over each month after all the bills and groceries have been paid, so there's no way I can afford all the extra expenses and neither can Steve until he's paid off all of his arrears on debts and the mortgage and water and his credit cards and the money he still owes me too.

I would dearly love to rehome another dog, but one of us has got to be realistic and sensible.

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