Tuesday 21 December 2021

Mornin' again all

First off, I hope any fellow Pagans reading this blog enjoy Yule this year and that you safely celebrate the New Year tonight.

Second off, I've already cared for my carer for 80 minutes this morning and there are 3 slices of bread left, so I'll have those for my lunch today if my carer doesn't cook, so that they aren't wasted.  He's got his regular medical appointment in the morning, so won't want any breakfast otherwise he'll get travel sick apparently.

I've got my weekly 2 servings of Lipton Ice Tea for breakfast and I've got one more in the bottle, so I might finish that off at the weekend 'cos I'm allowed "two or three servings of caffeine a week" according to my GP and I usually stop at 2 servings and I've got 1 more left in the bottle, so I'll finish the week off with a rare third serving of caffeine.

I've gotta take my morning pills now, so hold on while I take 'em before I forget again.


OK, they're all down the hatch and I've already drunk 2 litres of liquid this morning and it's not even 🕢 7.30am yet!  It's looking like another 4 litre day today, especially if I don't have anything cooked for lunch.

This blog post is already waaaay too long, so I'll shut up and crack on with the news now.


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