Friday 31 December 2021

Mornin' all

My first post of the day is considerably later than normal 'cos I completely forgot!

I've taken my morning pills, made a drinking chocolate for my carer, had a doughnut for breakfast, run the daily virus scan (still clear) and cared for my carer for over 3½ hours this morning.

Steve's due for a phone call at 10.30am and I bet he'll forget what I've requested and he's agreed to.

My carer has just woken up and gone for a poo 💩 so I hope he doesn't fall asleep while he's in there again, like sometimes happens.  He's got 40 minutes before the call is due and I bet he'll still be in the bathroom when he gets the call so I'll have to take the phone through to him - I just hope he isn't wiping his bum when I take the phone through to him!!

JanNo starts tomorrow and I'm officially ready to go now 'cos I saved the document to OneDrive ready to go so that I don't need to worry about saving it and potentially losing my train of thought each time.

I've got something planned on the 10th and our groceries are due on the 11th, so I'm seriously hoping I'll be finished a couple of days before so that I can return to reality in time and not start talking about the plot of the novel as if it were reality.  As long as I write at least 7k-8k words every day, I'll hopefully be finished just before I need to be planted firmly back in reality again.

I'm not gonna help with the groceries on Tuesday next week 'cos it's entirely Steve's stuff, so it's his responsibility to put it away... bet he doesn't put any of it away and leaves it in the bags on the kitchen floor like normal though.

I'm 15 minutes away from already caring for my carer for 4 hours this morning and he's cared for me for a grand total of 24 minutes so far this week, so unless he does nothing but care for me the entire time I'm awake from now until bed time on Sunday, he has yet again seriously undercared for me this week, yet apparently he does everything for me <shrug>

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