Thursday 30 December 2021

Steve has just...

...left for his medical appointment, so I'm gonna give it half an hour then shut down to be ready to go and wait outside for them to come and pick me up.  Apparently we're having lunch over there too so it's gonna be another loooong day over there I reckon and I doubt we'll be home before it's dark yet again.  


I'm not gonna take my phone with me again today 'cos that'd mean taking my bag and I really can't cope with that swinging around my neck, unsteadying me as I walk, so it's just gonna be me and my keys again today, for the sake of my safety.

It'll be interesting to see what my fitness watch says my stress level is like when I'm over there 'cos it was "moderate" while I was in bed last night lol


He's just gone in, so I'm gonna publish this then shut down so that I can be out there ready to be picked up when they come back.


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