Thursday 23 December 2021

Lunch today will potentially be...

... 6 mince pies for my carer and a flapjack for me 'cos we've potentially got another 2 packs of mince pies coming today and I've had 2 mince pies on 1st December and none since then, despite getting 12 each week, so my carer has had 34 and I've had 2 so far during December.  The flapjack is about 400 calories so that will be my entire calorie count today because I haven't had any breakfast (my legs are too weak and unstable after being on my feet while I make my carer's breakfast) so I'll hopefully have lost a bit of weight on Monday, even if I have a huge lunch on Saturday.  


Maybe I don't need to do laps any more to lose weight if I'm forced to eat so little every day?

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