Wednesday 29 December 2021


I've now made 7 meals for my carer and he hasn't made any of mine, despite telling everyone that he "cooks all her meals for her" so he's had 7 proper meals and I've had ¾ of a packet of biscuits since Monday morning.  


I very much doubt he'll be cooking lunch today, so I'll have my pasta salad for lunch and make him another soup or a MugShot or something like that, then he's got a medical appointment later on so won't feel up to cooking then either, so it'll be 9-0 by the time I head to bed tonight.  


I'll make his breakfast for him tomorrow morning (10-0), we're going over to see his family for lunch again so he will be too tired when he comes home to make his third meal of the day, so that will be down to me too (11-0).  


I'll make his breakfast again on Friday morning (12-0) and lunch will be down to me again which takes it to 13-0 then he'll want his third meal which will be down to me which takes us to 14-0, which takes us to Saturday which is JanNo and my week off making all his meals for him.

By Friday evening, I will have eaten a packet of biscuits and three pasta salads all week and Steve won't have made any meals yet again.

Based on that up there ⮙⮙ I don't reckon my carer will care for me for even 1 minute this week 'cos he's already 10 hours behind schedule this week and I'm predicting that he won't be cooking at all this week, which is the only thing that he does for me, so I reckon this week will be a week of bugger all care, yet I'll be working overtime by the time I head to bed tonight, but apparently I'm not his carer and do nothing to support him.

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