Thursday 30 December 2021

Back now, but...

...only for an hour or so.

We spent over 7 hours with Steve's family today which is more than I've spent with my mum since the start of 2010 combined, yet apparently we were gonna go over to see her regularly when I agreed to move 40 miles away and neither of us having a driving license... dunno about you, but I don't call 7 hours in 11 years is regular, do you?

I'm not gonna do my laps tomorrow 'cos it just wouldn't be safe and my legs are already really painful and weak, so it's gonna be a rest and recover day for my legs tomorrow, then JanNo starts on Saturday so my legs will have about 8 days to recover before I start again.  Just 20 minutes twice a day during February then increase it by 10 minutes a day each month after that, just until I've lost those 3.6kg I need to lose to get me back down to the weight my medical bods are happy with then I'll gradually reduce it to just the high calorie days from then on.

I've got a drinking choccie on the go and I'm gonna take my last pills of the day at 8pm instead of 7pm so that I don't feel too sick when I lay down and we'll see what time I wake up in the morning... bet it'll still be about 5am though lol

I've already cared for my carer for 12 hours today so I'm already working overtime this week, so I'm not so worried about not caring for my carer while I'm writing, starting on Saturday.  It's gonna be a very minimal week next week 'cos my entire focus will be on my writing, but it's only for about 3 or 4 weeks a year, so I think I'm allowed the time off, considering I more than double the care during the rest of the week!

Oooh!  I've just checked!  My spreadsheet says that I was working overtime just before I headed to bed last night, so I think I'm allowed the weekend and next week off, don't you?  I usually spend at least 75 hours a week caring for my carer, so I think I'm allowed less than 10 days off, twice a year, don't you??

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