Saturday 18 June 2022

It's almost 6pm and...

...I'm still nicely full from lunch, so I'll leave the yoghurts for tonight and have them either for breakfast (if I'm as hungry as I was this morning) or pud after lunch tomorrow.  They are absolutely gorgeous yoghurts that satisfy my sweet tooth without being overly sugary.  I think/hope there are 2 packets on Tuesday's grocery order so that I can have *something* for breakfast a few times next week, instead of going for over 2 weeks between breakfasts (this morning marked 14 days since I last had anything for breakfast).

I'm trying to remain hopeful that my carer will want to cook for the fourth time this week at lunchtime tomorrow.  It's only pasta 'n' sauce, so if he doesn't fancy doing it then I'll attempt to do it myself so that I can get a few hundred calories into me tomorrow so that I can continue to make up for yesterday.

I've got less than 800 steps to go before I hit my target for steps today and therefore being the most active day of the week.  A few more trips to the bathroom and making my carer yet another drink for him to waste again today should pretty much mean that I've scraped through hitting the target.

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