Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Mornin' all

How are you doing this morning?

I've already had my shower in preparation for tomorrow and I'm about to leave a single star review for my newest bra.  The trousers will only be getting a 3 star review 'cos they need to be dry-cleaned which I didn't know before I bought them, so I basically wasted £40 on things that I can't even wear once and a pair of trousers that are only wearable for one day.  I'm officially back to being size 10 now though!!!


I've watered the plants and seedlings, had a shower, taken my morning pills and made Steve's breakfast for him - he is the only one eating breakfast though 'cos there was only one clean bowl and spoon left... I just hope he cooks for lunch, otherwise this is a potentially calorie free day 'cos I won't be able to drink much after lunchtime 'cos of one of my diagnoses in preparation for tomorrow.  It'll be the same again tomorrow for the same reason too, so I'm potentially going without food and liquid (other than to take my pills) for the next 30 hours, but as long as Steve's fed and watered, that's OK right?

Our groceries are due this morning and I'm hoping someone will be coming from Olio at some point so that I can get rid of ⅓ of Steve's milk supply (he's got 6 litres in the fridge atm and I'm gonna be getting rid of 2 of them by the end of the day).

I've just started the virus scan so hopefully that'll be clear again.

Time to get on with reviewing the bra now, before I forget!

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