Tuesday 15 June 2021

Been reading all morning and...

...I'm almost half way through the book now, so it'll hopefully be finished and reviewed before bedtime tonight.


My Amazon order still isn't out for delivery yet so I reckon it'll be close to 10pm before it gets here.


Steve's put the potatoes in the oven and I've found a second can of baked beans, so we're both having jacket tatties with cheese and beans now.


I've got another book to read and review tomorrow while the deeper virus scan is chugging along, so that'll keep me out of trouble while I can't check my emails.


The potatoes are gonna take an hour and a bit to cook and because they are pretty small compared to the more recent ones, Steve's having 2½ tatties and I'm having 1½ tatties each.


Gonna keep on reading until 🕜 1.30pm-ish now.

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