Tuesday 8 June 2021

Royal prediction for the future:

There are, I reckon, similarities between Harry and Meghan and what happened to Princess Diana so my prediction is that this is history repeating itself.  I totally seriously hope I'm wrong, but:


  • Princess Diana felt unsupported and pushed out of the Royal Family - same as Meghan.

  • Princess Diana did a tell-all about the Royal Family - same as Meghan.
  • Princess Diana escaped to America - same as Meghan.
  • Princess Diana was stripped of her royal title - same as Meghan.
  • Princess Diana wrote a (children's?? - can't remember for sure) book - same as Meghan.
  • Princess Diana had two children when she passed away - same as Meghan.
  • Princess Diana divided the country into royal love/hate feelings - same as Meghan


See what I mean?


I personally love our royal family and Princess Diana showed, through her personality, that she genuinely cared about everyone but she felt taken for granted and used - is that how Meghan feels too?  I seriously hope not, but even as a person who is famous and having to constantly be aware of every word and action you make in public, to being suddenly thrown into something that nobody can prepare you for 'cos they've never been a royal family member could very easily push even the strongest person over the edge.

I wish nothing but the best for Meghan, but the more I read from the internet and news and stuff, the more my alarm bells are ringing and I really hope they are wrong.

Maybe I'm being naieve, but I can't help being increasingly worried the more I read and maybe I should stop reading about it, right?

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