Friday 11 June 2021

I've decided that...

...I'm still gonna do my laps, but only of the downstairs of the house and just not risk our back yard until the legs on my quad cane are re-ferruled again.  I don't use my quad cane in the house, so I haven't really got an excuse have I❓❗ 😜


I've made a drink for Steve, taken my morning pills, set the daily virus scan going and had my breakfast (a banana).  Gotta remember that I've got that focus group thing at 11am and we're apparently having "no beef pasties", chips and peas for lunch... I'll belive it when it's in the oven, getting cooked.


The virus scan has finished and I'm still free of nasties, so I'm gonna finish replying to an email then go and grab a bottle of pop to keep me going today and make sure I drink the two litres a day that I'm aiming for.

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