Saturday 26 June 2021

Weekly totals of care so far...

My carer caring for me:  277 minutes (ie 4 hours, 37 minutes)

Me caring for my carer:  56 hours, 42 minutes


So, looking at those figures, I reckon I'll get maybe 5 hours of care out of my carer and I reckon it'll be over 65 hours that I've cared for my carer, which is only 5 hours off double the required weekly caring hours to be classed as a carer yet it's pretty much guaranteed that I won't even get 7 hours of care out of my carer, despite being at the hospital with me for about 2 hours on Thursday which is the most he's cared for me in a single day since I came out of hospital.  Apparently he's my carer but I'm not his though 😒

I'm gonna head off to beddy-byes now, but I'll be back again tomorrow.

Nitey nite nites orl.

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