Saturday 12 June 2021

I was wrong yesterday, sorry about that

I said I'd prolly avoid caffeine this weekend in a blog post yesterday, right❓  Well Steve decided that he fancied caffeine so I indulged too and regretted it within 5 minutes of my first mouthfull, 'cos I've been for 5 wee's in about 2 hours❗❗ 

I've made a hot drink for us both, then my carer's breakfast (toast), and I've just done my morning laps.  Steve said that he hadn't missed the caffeine this week and said not to get another jar when the current one is finished, which is fine by me❗

The virus scan was clear, my morning pills went down OK, I've charged my Fitbit up and I reckon I'll just do my writing site's news today, cos it's already gone 🕦 11.30am❗  We'll be having something eggy 🥚 for lunch so that we don't forget to use 'em this week, but it's still two dozen that have been wasted over the last 3 weeks, which ain't good at all.

Time to get on with the news after I've been for yet another wee 🙄

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