Sunday 27 June 2021

Weekly totals of care

I'm gonna take my final pills of the week in about 50 minutes, then go straight to bed, so I'm doing the weekly maffs now so that I know it's done and dusted.


Steve's care of Amanda weekly total:  5 hours 30 minutes
Amanda's care of Steve weekly total:  66 hours 19 minutes


If I hadn't had the hospital appointment I reckon it would have been a pretty much guaranteed 70 hours.  Next week starts a fresh sheet though, so Steve's got a fresh opportunity to hit those necessary hours but I reckon it's more likely that I'll hit 70 instead of him reaching 35, but apparently I'm not his carer and I do nothing to support him, but he does everything for me and gets all kinds of support and credit for it.


It's pay day tomorrow as well as our groceries being delivered and the monthly virus scan, news to code and upload and hopefully get some studying done, so I've gotta be around and constantly available while my carer is asleep.


Time for my last pills of the week now though, then I'm gonna shut down and head to bed for an early night.  Gotta remember not to open up my emails and I've gotta weigh myself and log it in the FitBit app after I've made breakfast for both of us.


Nite nite orl... see you at some point tomorrow.

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