Monday 21 June 2021


Things are, officially, back to normal again so I can re-start doing the news again!


I've taken my morning pills, weighed myself and added the Fitbit spreadsheet to my homepage, so now I need to call up about increasing the amount of one of my prescriptions so that I get both doses at the same time, rather than having to order one each month and the other every 2 months, so I'd best do that now, before I forget.


I need to remember that if the pharmacist needs to talk to me, any day except Thursday this week is fine and dandy, but I've got a hospital appointment on Thursday morning - nearly forgot about that!


I put the hot water on last night so hopefully I'll be able to have a hot bath rather than another tepid one, assuming Steve doesn't use up all the hot water before then of course!


The first daily scan was finished in less than 5 minutes this morning, so I'm hoping I'll be able to have a solid lunch on Wednesday after the weekly virus scan.


Gonna call my doc now.  BBS.

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