Monday 7 June 2021

Less than 6 hours

Just (11 hours late, but never mind, it's done for another week now) worked out the totals for the caring that my carer and I did for each other and they are as follows: 

Care provided by me yesterday:  9 hours 16 minutes

Care provided by my carer yesterday:  7 minutes

Total of last week's care by me:  64 hours 11 minutes

Total of last week's care by my carer:  2 hours 31 minutes

This week is week 8 of me keeping a record of how much care we provide for each other so we'll see just how much I do for my carer and how little he does for me... apparently he does everything for me and I do bugger all for him though, despite now having accurate proof for the last 6 weeks (the first week was hit and miss 'cos I kept forgetting about logging the care).

I forgot to bring my glass of water in 3 times and asked my carer to put it onto his list of things to talk to the Neurologist about but he hasn't done it yet, dunno why I even asked him... it'd have been a minute of care on his sheet in the spreadsheet already this week, but he kept saying he'd do it then find a reason not to.  Typical really.

The virus scan has finished and I'm still free of nasties, so time for my morning pills and maybe first set of laps of the downstairs and back yard, as long as my legs feel up to it.  Might give it another 20 minutes so that I can get the extra activity blob in the FitBit app though 😉 Time to make a start on the news until then though.

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