Wednesday 23 June 2021

Two weekly virus scans and back-ups sorted in...

...about 4 hours which is just over half the time it usually takes just to do one virus scan and backups, which is impressive going and means I can check my email and sort out the news now, which I didn't even start until getting on for 3 or 4pm 7 days ago!


Steve's still at his medical appointment and I was wrong about him not remembering to ask about the coffee... he asked when his mum phoned to let him know that Marie was on her way to pick him up.


Gonna put my FitBit on to finish charging up in preparation for tomorrow then do my laps when Steve finally gets home so that I can prepare myself as much as possible for my first trip with my new stick... it's the slope that makes me most anxious, but as long as I just use the back feet and I patiently wait until Steve's home in case I fall and can't get up again then it's just my confidence that I need to work on today.

Need to remember to crack on with the editing after lunch too, otherwise I'll wrongly assume that it's the edited version that I haven't re-named, instead of the first draft.


Time to crack on with the news now... BBL.

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