Wednesday 23 June 2021

It's not even 8am yet, but I've already...

  • set the weekly virus scan going
  • taken my morning pills
  • had a bath
  • brushed my teeth


The weekly virus scan finished in under 3 hours, so I got suspicious and I've just set it going again, just to make sure that it really did finish completely.  I'm gonna go and make breakfast for my carer now, then do the backups and hopefully be finished before lunchtime today so I might even be able to have a solid lunch instead of my usual Wednesday instant soup!


Gonna go out and do a few laps before Steve goes for his medical appointment, then finish charging up my FitBit the final 10% while he's gone.  He'll hopefully remember to ask either his mum or Marie for the decaf coffee this morning, after forgetting 3 times yesterday 🙄


I've just checked and the virus scan really is the weekly scan and it really is at 50% already, so maybe it really did finish in under 3 hours the first time this morning?


Gonna do the three sets of news after I've done the backups, so it'll prolly be this afternoon before it appear on here and my sites.

Time to go and do my carers breakfast now.  TTYAL

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