Sunday 6 June 2021

Well, so far today, I've...

...taken my morning pills, completed the virus scan, made breakfast for my carer, taken the rubbish and recycling out (all three recycling boxes and a full paper/card bag as well as the food waste caddy), did my first set of laps and squats, cared for my carer, made his lunch, and now he's expecting me to care for him all afternoon and evening again.  So far today, my carer has cared for me for 2 minutes (he slid the glass recycling box half way through the kitchen then threw the rubbish sack half way down the hall) today.  

Better add the time I started monitoring his breathing to the spreadsheet before I forget.


Done now... time to carry on with the news in between caring for my carer.  


Toodle pip for now.

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