Saturday 26 June 2021

So far today I've...

...completed the daily virus scan, taken my morning pills, made breakfast for my carer, checked my email, done one set of news and worked out that Steve's groceries (that I can't have 'cos it's meat or has an allergen) come to £22.10.  That's over half the total (including the £3.50 delivery charge) which is £44.05, yet it's my stuff or the joint stuff that comes off when he wants to add something else just for him.  The joint stuff comes to £12.95, my own (soya) stuff comes to £5.50 so the entire rest of the budget combined comes to less than stuff just for Steve, yet it's rarely anything of his that is taken off and on the rare occasions that it is something of his, he lays a massive guilt trip on me about it❗ Should be used to it now I guess 😞

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