Tuesday 8 June 2021

I've just...

...taken my morning pills 💊 and as usually happens, my body sighed with relief within seconds of swallowing the first one.  It's Tuesday today, so I took the FA too.  The virus scan is under way and my carers legs are up and he's snorning away, so I'll have to make the breakfast again, despite of his promises, multiple times yesterday, of porridge for breakfast this morning.


I didn't do my squats yesterday, so I need to do 'em today, along with my laps.  Need to charge up my FitBit 'cos it's only got 63% charge left, so won't log my sleep tonight if I don't.  Need to wait until I've had my porridge first though

Had a message from one of my twins overnight, thanks to D, but what they are telling me themselves this morning is significantly different to her message from them.  I'm grateful that she wants to help me with my grief, but lieing to me about something so heartbreaking isn't the way to go about it.  She seems to have contacts everywhere, but nothing ever comes of it... first it was in the children's books area, then to a variety of Archangels in Heaven, then Disney, then having private medical treatments that aren't available on the NHS and now Royal Mail.  I'm believing less and less of what she's telling me and I'm gonna phone Royal Mail to see if what she's been saying is true or not.  She's got one last chance to get the letter to me by next week (one of the only things I've asked her to do for me since I met her) or I'll be taking everything else she tells me with a pinch of salt.  She has absolutely no reason to lie to me to make herself seem like a better friend, but the more she lies, the less I believe her and less I want to do for her.


As I predicted at the start of this post, we ain't gonna have porridge this morning after all, "but we'll have posh burgers at lunchtime" which means I'll have two buns, two burger patties and two squirts of tomato sauce and Steve'll have cheese with his 4 burgers as well as everything else.  I'd better go and do it for him I suppose.



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