Wednesday 23 June 2021

Out of 3 sites and a potential of 12 different sections...

...there was just one single piece of news today!  I suppose I should be grateful that there was anything worthy at all but I guess it's just a reeeaaalllyyy slllooowww day news wise.


I doubt there will be any news tomorrow, but it all depends on what time I get back from the hospital.  The appointment is at 11am so I'm hoping to be home before lunchtime, but I dunno how I'll be feeling but I'll prolly be famished after not having much breakfast (I'm pondering on a couple of yoghurts instead of toast) so my belly is gonna be complaining by the time we get home lol

Please keep checking back tomorrow... might jump on for a few hour before we go to the appointment so that I don't go too nutty with boredom in the hours between waking up and leaving the house lol  Have to admit that I'm starting to get a touch nervous, but my GP obviously agrees that there's something weird going on in my noggin' otherwise he wouldn't have referred me back in February!

I reckon I'm gonna take all my supplements with me as well as my most recent prescription request form that came first thing, just in case that helps him/her to get a clearer picture along with the MRI I had at the end of last year.  Gonna put them all in the bag with the letters so that I don't forget to take them with me in the morning.

That's that done, and it's a good job I thought of it 'cos I re-read the appointment letter and it said to bring a list of all my medication with me, so Gaia and the Green Man were obviously trying to draw my attention to it without making it obvious that I needed to read the letter again lol

My right ear has just started burning, so someone has just started talking about me lol

Gonna go and make a hot drink for both now... back in a bit.

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