Sunday 27 June 2021


I discovered a jar of pazza bake in the cupboard, so we're having that instead of the pasta/spag(h?)etti and meat-free balls.

We've already taken the rubbish and recycling out for another week, just gotta remember to put the waste food bag in the caddy then take that outside after we've had our lunch.

The virus scan was clear, I've taken my morning pills and re-worded a book review ad so hopefully they'll put the updated version up soon.  My carer has just started cooking our lunch, which'll prolly take about half an hour, but I bet that'll be it as far as support goes for the rest of the day then.

Gotta remember not to open my email programmes as soon as I sign in to my computer tomorrow, 'cos it's the monthly deep scan which used to take about 23 hours to complete, but Steve reckon's it'll be done in about 4-5 hours tomorrow 'cos of the fresh install of Windows a few days ago... we shall soon find out I suppose!

There wasn't any news on any of my three sites today and I finished reading and reviewing that book yesterday so I've just been ligging around online for the last few hours.  Got a book to read and review while the virus scan is chugging away tomorrow and it's already published so you'll be able to read the review here and on my homepage book reviews page 3 as soon as I've finished reading it.  Depending on how long it takes to read, I'm hoping to be able to study tomorrow too 🤞

It's very nearly 1pm so time to take my afternoon pill as soon as I've published this.  Talking of which, the reminder has just come up, so I'm gonna publish this then crunch it up so that I can swallow it.

Might be back later, but can't guarantee it.

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