Tuesday 15 June 2021

Cache's cleared ready for tomorrow's virus scan

That's all the tiny files in both cache's cleared ready for tomorrow... hope I don't open my email programmes before the virus scan has finished❗


In the final 10% of the book now so it's pretty much guaranteed that it'll be finished and review uploaded before bedtime tonight, then I can make a start on my next one, as well as doing hopefully all three sets of news tomorrow too.  Fancy reading a grown up book next though lol

The two sets of ferrules arrived but they are both waaay too big for my quad cane, so I've put a few elastic bands around the foot of it until I can afford to get a whole new quad cane.  I should be getting an Amazon voucher as payment for a survey, so I'll get it with that and seriously hope that it arrives before my Neurology appointment.  I've put the ferrules on Freegle now so that it's not the best part of £20 going to landfill.  I've currently got four things advertised on there and I've only ever received one thing from there in the getting on for 20 years I've been doing it, so that's pretty good going I reckon.

Gonna finish reading the book now.  Dunno if I'll post again before I hit the hay, so just in case I don't I'll say goodnight to you all now and I'll see you bright and early in the morning.

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