Monday 14 June 2021

Busy morning!

After 2 restarts, my laptop is now (mostly) behaving itself, the virus scan was clear again, I've taken all my day-time pills, had the medical appointment an hour earlier than I was expecting, ordered the rubber feet/ferrule things for my quad cane and the groceries have just been delivered.  


I'm wiped out now.


I've lost 1.65kg since Thursday, so I'm not gonna do any laps until I've put the weight back on again... when I've got the ferrule things in my hands and put onto my cane I'll do a few laps then, just to get ready for going to the hospital appointment but I'm staying sat on the sofa for the rest of this week apart from that.


There were a couple of substitutions with the shopping so it was 4p more expensive, but that's OK... it's been considerably worse in the past, after all  😉  The stuff just for Steve alone (so meaty stuff) came to £19.45, my stuff came to £4.15 and the joint stuff came to £16.04 so yet again Steve spent the majority of the weekly budget on himself and well over quadruple the amount that was just for me, yet I had to take my stuff off to make room in the budget for stuff for Steve and he whines and makes me feel guilty about taking any of his stuff at all!

I should be used to it by now I s'pose <shrug>

I'm also 41 minutes away from caring for my carer for 10 hours today, but my carer has only supported me for 16 minutes so I reckon it'll be a 15 hour day for me and I'll get under 1 hour this week from my carer.  I should be used to that too but at least there's documented proof of who does what for whom now.

D has decided to definitely go with the paid site so that'll be even more work for me to do 'cos it'll have to be hand-coded rather than copied and pasted like it is on her free site, so what currently takes 15 minutes will take an hour or more when she's got her domain and hosting sorted.

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