Sunday 20 June 2021

Spent the morning...

...trying to restore the spreadsheet of care I'd been using to record the care I did for my carer.  I've potentially found a way to do it using a piece of software I found online but I've had to re-start it at least 3 times but hopefully it'll be worth it if/when I finally recover the file.

I didn't make any breakfast this morning 'cos I was getting stressed out and stuff, but I managed to sort out my website and re-jig Word with a default font that I like and pinned a few things that I frequently use.  Couldn't find the PB templates to pin, but that's OK temporarily.  I'm finally getting things how I want them to be again.

We had "Pig Out rolls" by Naughty Vegan for lunch and we've got 3 bags of chips in the freezer, so we'll be having those this week as well lol.

I finally bit the bullet and got the black printer cartridge and another quad cane which is due "by 10pm tomorrow" according to Amazon, so I hope they don't arrive at the same time as our groceries 🙄🤣

I've taken all my morning and afternoon pills and already drunk the best part of 2 litres today.  Just for a change I've had my music on out loud all day and Steve's had to use his earphones... it'll have to be the same tomorrow too, 'cos Steve's legs'll be up and he'll be asleep so I'll need to be able to keep my ears primed for the door ready for my two Amazon deliveries and our groceries.

I had another book review request overnight, so I've decided to come up with a template message to send to all those who want me to review for free from now on... I've got a set of terms that everyone needs to agree to before I review their book that nobody has even bothered reading so far and thanks to my pooey memory I've kept forgetting to point them to it and doing it for free, then they get stroppy when I don't take the review down 'cos they don't like it (one of the terms that is covered).

Have to admit that I'm getting nervous about the hospital appointment on Thursday, but if it means I get tested and potentially treated, then that's no bad thing right❓

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