Saturday 19 June 2021

Well, I didn't think it was possible, but...

...the folder that Steve promised would have a copy of everything in has got bugger all other than the system files, so I'm currently putting everything back onto my machine from last week and this is the exact reason I do weekly back-ups.  


Steve swore blind that One Drive would have a copy of everything, but it didn't.  He also guaranteed that the .old file would have a copy of everything just in case I needed it, but in fact there's nothing usable there at all, so I'm a week behind on everything now, but that's better than I would have had if I hadn't taken weekly backups after the weekly virus scan. Not a happy bunny now and the tiny sliver of trust I had left in Steve has slithered off now and I no longer trust a word he says.  Not the way a marriage should be, but never mind 'eh?

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