Tuesday 29 June 2021

A day late for the back-ups, but...

...the files are being backed up now and my daily virus scan has finished.  I've taken my morning pills, made a hot drink and breakfast for both of us, brushed my teeth and I'm monitoring my carer's breathing while he's asleep, so I've already cared for him for over an hour and a half this morning and he's done absolutely nothing as my carer, yet apparently he does "everything" for me and I do "nothing" for him 🤷

When the backups have finished, I'll update the spreadsheet and make a start on the news.  I worked out why the virus scans have been so rapid since the fresh install of Windows - I haven't got any desktop backgrounds other than the ones that come as standard, whereas I had about 150 before the blatting 🤣

Might even be able to study today 🤞

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