Monday 14 June 2021

After yesterday's update was installed...

...I had to do a "hard/savage reboot" this morning to get my machine to start responding then it was veeerrrrryyyy sllllooowwww to open up all my programmes which got me an hour behind schedule before I even started.

I took my morning pills while it was re-starting and started the virus scan as soon as I was able to log in, but the FitBit app is playing up now, so I'm gonna have to reboot yet again, which'll put me even further behind.


I remembered to weigh myself and I've lost weight since last time I weighed myself, so I'm gonna have to have loads of toast to try and increase it again.  I made toast for my carer this morning and he said after I'd brought it in that he didn't feel up to cooking, so we'll be having toast for lunch too 😠  Apparently he makes all our meals, and he's not gonna cook at all today so that's already total bollox this week and I'll be doing both of his meals by the time I head to bed.

The MH nurse is due to call this morning, so hopefully it'll be sorted by the time she calls 🤞.  Gonna reboot again now... BBL.

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