Wednesday 30 June 2021

Well, that's two virus scans finished and...

...the weekly backups started before 8.40am, which ain't bad going at all.


I'm wondering though, if the daily and weekly scans are maybe the same 'cos they took about the same length of time to finish?  Gonna go and check now, while I remember... back in a bit.


Nope, all three types of scan are right, so maybe I just haven't been noticing how quickly the smart scan finished every day?  Yesterday's deep scan was done and dusted in about 4 hours, today's scans took about 1¼ hours each and I think the daily scan takes about an hour, so maybe I should watch it going through and time the daily scan more accurately tomorrow?


I've taken my morning pills and had my breakfast (5 biscuits and a banana lol) but Steve's bottom isn't feeling too well so he's tried to cancel his appointment in the early hours and he's gonna phone up his surgery to make sure it's been cancelled now, just in case... "eating a pound of meat for lunch yesterday prolly didn't help" to quote Steve lol

As soon as the back-ups have finished, I'll make a start on the news, then the surveys.  Not gonna study today 'cos I'm not in the right head-space atm.  


Today is also the 11th anniversary of when my father passed away and not even Steve or C remembered and asked what happened 11 years ago today, which ain't good going from either of them really.


I'm just gonna take today as it comes I reckon.

Just had the Neurologist's secretary on the phone wanting to know the details of the psychiatrist I saw, but I haven't been there for at least a decade... certainly not while we had the puppy dog but it was my GP that referred me, not them so I pointed her back to my GP and hope that they can get things sorted instead.

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