Thursday 10 June 2021

There wasn't any blog posts yesterday because...

...I didn't have an internet connection until the afternoon then forgot when I got it back.  I'm getting my hair cut today, so this may be the only one I post, but we shall see.


We've had a mini breakfast (Steve had 3 slices of toast and I had 1) and I've taken my morning pills... hope I don't forget my afternoon one when we get home!  Steve reckon's we won't be back until this afternoon and we're being picked up at 9.30am, so that's the same amount of time that I've spent with my mum since my father's funeral back in 2010 and we've already spent longer with his family in 2021 than I have with my family since the start of 2010... should be used to that by now I s'pose 😞

Not gonna do the virus scan until we get back home so that I don't have to stop it before it's finished.

Gonna put a book review on Amazon and this blog then shut down I reckon.


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