Sunday 13 June 2021

So far this morning, I've...

  • Made breakfast for my carer
  • Taken my morning pills
  • Filled a food waste bag with 24 old eggs
  • Filled a second food waste bag with sprouting potatoes
  • Emptied 3 bins and put the bags into the main bin bag
  • Took my carers empty pop bottles through to the kitchen

 What has my carer done?  He's opened up 3 rubbish bags and replaced the bag in his bin... nothing else.  Hasn't even stood up so far today.

I'm gonna do my laps in 8 minutes time then take the rubbish and recycling out, despite that being another thing that my carer claims credit for doing.

After I've done that, I predict that my carer will fall asleep again, so I'll have to monitor his breathing... but apparently I do buggar all to support him.

I've got a telephone appointment with an MH nurse tomorrow and I've gotta ask for another week's worth of the 5mg... I've asked my carer to remind me, but I bet he won't, same as usual.  He did finally get the Neuro letter written last night though, but he said he hasn't sent the three things to M yet, so I bet he forgets about that too.

I've asked him to ask for another couple of tubs of spread, ready for Wednesday, but I bet he'll forget to ask about that too.

I worked out overnight that I should have £180 a month ready for the electricity bill going up again, strange that I've only got £52 atm because I had to bail my carer out with £113 yet again - I get less in benefit money than he does, yet I pay for the groceries every week and the electric every month, yet he gets credit for that too.

The virus scan has finished and discovered a problem, which I've set it resolving now, but other than that there haven't been any nasties found, thankfully.


Time to reply to D's emails before I explode again I suppose.

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