Tuesday 22 June 2021

Had a stressful morning, then it got worse, but hopefully...

...this afternoon will be considerably better.

I've taken all my morning and afternoon pills, took my first two backups of the new system, installed two updates onto my computer then discovered a huuuge techy problem with one of my sites that I've asked Tech Support to sort out for me ASAF but I bet they will spend this afternoon instead, so there won't do it then either.

This morning Steve got into a bit of a flap after getting a text reminder about his medical appointment tomorrow, then checked about if we'd have transport to the hospital on Thursday, but his mum didn't have it on her calendar and Marie usually goes into the office on a Thursday so I would have had to find £20 for a taxi there and back.  Fortunately his mum called back a few minutes later to say that Marie was happy to do it for us so that was a huuuge relief and I can relax a touch more about the appointment now.

I was reading Melanie's email on my phone while the updates were installing, when the entire conversation disappeared into thin air!  Thankfully it was still on my computer, so I'm gonna reply to that now, so that I don't tempt fate.


I spent 29 minutes practising on the slope into the back yard with my new quad cane... there were several significant wobbles, but I didn't go face-first into the concrete again, thankfully.  Gonna let my lunch go down for a while then do another few laps this afternoon to try and increase my confidence more and hopefully remember to just use the back two feet to support me as I decend, instead of all four like I did with my previous cane.

I'll be back later, but there won't be any news today after the morning I've had!

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